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Oophorectomy is the surgical removal of an ovary. If one ovary is removed, a woman may continue to menstruate and have children but if both ovaries are removed, menstruation stops and a woman loses the ability to have children.

Unilateral oophorectomy (also called an ovariectomy) is the surgical removal of an ovary.

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If one ovary is removed, a woman may continue to menstruate and have children but if both ovaries are removed (bilateral oophorectomy), menstruation stops and a woman loses the ability to have children. 

Oophorectomy is often performed to:

  • remove cancerous ovaries
  • remove the source of estrogen that stimulates some cancers
  • remove a large ovarian cyst
  • excise an abscess
  • treat endometriosis 

In an oophorectomy, one or part of an ovary may be removed or both ovaries may be removed.

When an oophorectomy is done to treat ovarian cancer or other spreading cancers, both ovaries are removed (called a bilateral oophorectomy).

Removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes is performed in about one-third of hysterectomies (surgical removal of the uterus), often to minimise the risk of ovarian cancer.

Oophorectomies are sometimes performed on premenopausal women who have estrogen-sensitive breast cancer in an effort to remove the main source of estrogen from their bodies although this procedure has become less common.

At Kingsbridge Private Hospital our Consultants will be able to advise you on the best form of treatment. In some cases surgery may not be needed and alternative treatments will be offered.

Please visit our Hysterectomy section to find out more about this type of surgery. 


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"Amazing 5-star hospital.  Have had other surgery here before on my back.
Yesterday's was a neck disc replacement operation.  I would highly recommend this hospital like a hotel manner. Thanks again guys." Mr Phillips,
"As hospitals go this one is pretty amazing! Had surgery with Mr Molloy at the end of October and have another one the end of this month. Mr Molloy is a gentleman who puts you at ease right away and ensured my last procedure went smoothly! From start to finish all the hospital staff go above and beyond to make your stay as comfortable and stress free as possible. The facilities are brilliant with the rooms spacious and modern to recover in. Keep up the good work!" Ms Roulston,
"Can’t praise Kingsbridge Private Hospital enough!! I had an operation a couple of weeks ago and I was so well looked after. My surgeon Mr Rashid was fantastic, and the nursing staff was also fabulous. I found they communicated very well to each other, so everyone knew when my meds were due, my allergies etc. They were so kind, so lovely, constantly checked to see how I was i.e. my temperature etc. The food was fabulous and the catering staff very helpful having had an operation were very happy to accommodate ... Thank you to all!" Ms Cheong,
"Currently just back from recovery on the ward. I have just had ACL reconstructive surgery on my left knee. What can I say? This place is brilliant. I arrived at 8.35am, taken to the ward at 8.45am (my admission time was 9am). Tended to by a lovely Nurse. Dr Roger Wilson spoke to me around 9.45am, in Theatre for 10am, recovery for 11.10am and now currently back on ward. These guys are awesome. From the consultant to anaesthetist to nurses to cater assistants. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much. I am so grateful to everyone at Kingsbridge for the service." Mr McNicholl,
"EXCELLENT - Had surgery today under the very caring Dr Stewart and her team. I cannot thank her enough for all she’s done for me over the past few months. Everything was explained to me in detail and all my care was considerate, professional and compassionate. Everyone I’ve met today has been beyond kind from Will the Anaesthetist, the Nurses and theatre staff, the catering staff - there has been no exception. Thank you all for taking care of me so well today - look forward to getting home tomorrow x" Mrs McAleavey,

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